Whether your objective is personal or business in nature, Total Image Reinvention will guide you through a complete 7-step transformative process that engages all your senses starting with an image discovery session. This helps us understand the key principles that guide your life, values, lifestyle, energy, personal brand, image goals and the overall landscape of how you are showing up throughout all facets of your life.  Armed and aligned with this intelligence, we will further conduct a style assessment, perform a wardrobe audit, custom color analysis, intimate foundation, makeup, beauty and grooming lessons and conclude with a mindful shopping experience.

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Your visual alignment journey starts with a 3-hour image discovery session.  Prior to our meeting, you’ll complete a fun, thought-provoking questionnaire designed to clarify your preferences along with all the ways you are showing up in your personal and professional life.  We will take you on a personal exploration to align your values, passions and lifestyle with how that manifests visually through the understanding of your specific clothing needs, body type, color, fabrics, patterns, accessories, hair, beauty, grooming and more, designed to reach your overall personal image goals. We’ll take a peek into your closet to gain insight into what wardrobe pieces or outfits work and don’t work with your body and lifestyle.  This service can be performed in person or virtually via Skype.

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During our 4-hour session, we’ll assess your current wardrobe and, based on fit, comfort, lifestyle, personal style, and overall image goals, we will determine which items should be kept, discarded, or altered. We’ll build a list of needed items, based on a workable budget for you, to help you convey an image that will support your personal goals and brand, starting with the items that can most quickly make the strongest impact or whose versatility will make it a workhorse of your wardrobe. We’ll show you strategies to ‘rework’ pieces and give them new life.  In the end, we’ll donate any discarded clothing to your favorite charity to make room for the mindful pieces that you will add to your collection.

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As women, our lives are filled with many roles and responsibilities.  Being able to show up to every occasion looking on point and on brand is crucial.  It also saves a lot of time and eliminates the stress of having to pull an outfit together at the last minute.  Having expertly crafted outfits available when you need it ensures that you show up feeling radiant, confident and appropriate for every function. That leads you to focus on the matter at hand without fear that you look mismatched or frumpy.

During this 3-hour session, we will craft 30 outfits to add to your wardrobe capsule.  Digital images of the outfits will be captured and placed into an online portfolio for access anytime, anywhere.  A lookbook can also be designed for an additional cost.

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We offer two Personal Shopping options: in-store or virtual.  We have extensive resources to craft an experience that is most suited for your budget, lifestyle and image goals.

In-Store Personal Shopping

There are two Personal In-Store Shopping (3-Hours or 6-Hours) experiences available and each is customized entirely for your needs and objective.  Whether you are just starting to build your personal wardrobe collection or a client looking to acquire specific pieces to expand an existing collection, you’ll learn and see that the shopping process can be a stress-free experience, discovering ways to highlight your best features and bring out your personal style while exploring new venues, save time, and get the most out of your clothing budget. Our service includes pre-shopping, so by the time you arrive, we’ll already be prepared with ideas and clothing selections to open your eyes to new possibilities.

We will spend up to 2-hours to research and pre-shop before your arrival.  Please allow up to 4-hours for your hands-on shopping experience (depending on the package you select).

Virtual Shopping

We offer two Virtual Shopping (3-Hours or 6-Hours) experiences depending on your needs. Our team will conduct a pre-shopping session and pass along outfit ideas via Pinterest and email, with clickable links so you can purchase those items online.  Your feedback will determine the course of action we taking moving forward.  We will then spend the rest of the time providing you with more suggestions on online stores, brands, collections, pieces to consider, seasonality, and strategies for cost savings and maximize your spend.

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Why not showcase your beautifully crafted outfits in a personally designed lookbook to gain access to – anytime, anywhere? These custom designed lookbooks showcase all the thoughtful pieces that have been selected just for you.  These books serve as a great resource as you dress for every occasion, everyday. No wasted time. No hassle. Get it right every time.

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When it comes to makeup, hair and grooming, these details are not to be overlooked. These necessary details provide the finishing touches to an outfit and makes a huge impact to an overall look.  Having an ongoing healthy self-care and beauty ritual is also very nurturing for the soul.

In this 2-hour beauty consultation, we will explore the hair, makeup and grooming options available to fit your lifestyle and image goals. We will show you strategies for days when time is limited as well as applications for special occasions.

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When it comes to photography, there is no question of its value and impact within our passionate pursuits.  Whether a head shot or images are used for a personal dating site or business venture, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  Often times, the public photo of you is viewed before you’re able to physically meet or speak to the individual.  It makes a huge impression and speaks loudly to who you are and what you represent.  Why not leverage this tool to the fullest by making the best first impression.  Book a professional photography session and styling service to align your ‘look’ with your life’s most critical mission.  It is worth the investment and goes a long way.

Especially if you’re in a profession, business or personal pursuit where human interactions are highly valued, the way you are viewed online and the impression that is made is weighed heavily.  Taking the time, making the investment to be showcased in you best light makes a world of difference. This is an area that cannot be overlooked or undervalued.

This process will start with the creation of a mood board to capture visual inspiration and outfit options.  We’ll consider poses, locations and the media vehicles in which these images will be used in order to plan accordingly.  We can recommend a photographer or work with one that you have chosen to align our vision.

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Every event is an opportunity to shine and showcase your best. Event styling allows our team to work closely with you to find the perfect outfit that is most fitting for that special work or social occasion.  The goal is for all eyes to be on you. We will ensure that you are the star of your show.

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A customized closet design allows you the ease-of-mind, time-saving, organizational, and storage benefits to look perfectly aligned and on-brand for every occasion of your passionate life.  The return-on-investment of your wardrobe investment will be maximized as you are able to quickly access every item of your closet. Our intimate knowledge of your wardrobe and lifestyle allows us to work efficiently with third-party cabinet builders and installers to design a system that perfectly fits your needs.

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