Image Reinvention Workshops Educate, Inspire, and Engage.

Whether your organization specializes in career services, dating, wellness, education, or fitness and health, everyone benefits from image reinvention workshops. Hosting seminars provide additional value to your existing educational program, offer meaningful engagement while generating additional revenue to your organization.  Employees and clients learn to implement practical image building skills that builds confidence and inspire them to live their best life.

Uncover A Hidden Brand Building Asset. 

A great asset for brand building that companies often overlook is customer facing company representatives.  As representatives, how your employees look, feel and show up form the first impression of your organization to the public.  And, how they present themselves as an entire package can be the differentiating factor between you and the competition. image+minded sf works with businesses to launch programs focused on areas that elevate a company’s brand including dress code consulting, professional image seminars and one-on-one coaching for employees. Our customized and interactive programs will provide your employees with the communication and visual tools to look, feel and be their best for every situation.  As an organization, you benefit from a polished and professional presence that aligns with your brand.

Hosting is made simple.

As the host, you:

1| Provide the venue
2| Electronically distribute the Eventbrite seminar registration link to your targeted list of invitees

We take care of the rest of the administration and send you 50% of the proceeds.
Workshop topics include but not limited to:

: Effective Image Management Can Make or Break Your Business, Relationships or Career
: Image for Impact
: How to Conduct an Image Audit
: Embracing the Language of Color to Create Distinctive Personal Brands
: Brandtopia – Branding and Personal Image Workshop for Women Business Owners
: Single and Fabulous
: Create That Powerful First Impression
: Make Your Style Mark
: Style For the Busy Lifestyle
: Align the Inner and Outer You For Engagement and Connection
: Wardrobe Strategies for the Passionate Soul
: Communicate Visually
: Let’s Talk About Tools for Image Building
: Image Spoilers

Bookings are limited and available by submitting an application to image+minded sf.  Email us at to get started.

We look forward to collaborating with you!