As an entrepreneur, you’ve made the extensive investment in branding, marketing and sales to grow your business. You invest in creating a website, social media pages, marketing collateral such as business cards, brochures, etc., to communicate your brand message.  Is that enough to gain and keep clients?  We’ve all learned that business is about building a human connection.  When a client decides to work with you, it is because they buy into your story.  They buy into what you stand for, how you will service them in accordance with your values and brand. So, Y.O.U. are the key component of this business brand. How you show up, the way you are dressed, often speaks louder than what you actually say. Within the first 30 seconds of meeting, you are judged on your capabilities and fit.  The way you are dressed reinforces all the other elements of your brand building efforts, creates consistency across your communication channels,  and is weighed heavily toward your credibility. This could ultimately be the deciding factor as to whether someone will or will not do business with you.
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