IMAGE.MINDED.SF is a sustainable image reinvention studio devoted to elevating the power and effectiveness of a personal brand. Whether you are looking for work, crafting a business brand, in search of love and relationship, we have you covered.  With our gift of sight, we create distinctive, sustainable, and authentic style solutions that allow our clients to visually align to their brand; stand out, be seen, heard and connect with their ideal target audience. Nothing delights us more than seeing you dress in alignment with your passion, from the inside out.

We are grateful for your interest and would love to connect  and learn more about you.

“What You Dare to Dream Dare To Do!”

I believe that we are most empowered, have the utmost confidence, possess the greatest level of motivation and charge, and perform at our highest level when we show up in life looking our best.  I believe that there is something magical that transforms us when we mindfully ritual of applying makeup and choose a beautifully fitted outfit – pair of shoes, dress, and accessories – that meticulously showcases our bodies.  These outfits hug and hold us.  They express and communicate to the world what it is that needs to be said from the inside out.  Words not needed.  They remind us of the special places we’ve been and where we have yet to go.  They remind us of the beauty of being a woman.

These were the reasons IMAGE.MINDED.SF was born. After nearly 15 years of consulting for our country’s top technology companies, I left a lucrative career in marketing management to dedicate myself to being a resource for women; reminding them daily on the uniqueness and beauty of being a woman, shining bright and living in alignment with our brand, purpose and passion. I believe that we all have a purpose and gift in this life.  And creating visual alignment is my gift.  I am able to combine my unique experience in marketing and visual communication, education at Stanford University, and tailored style sense to provide a transformative experience to my clients that empowers and enrich their lives; leaving them seeing themselves very differently.

My other loves include 3 beautiful children (1 boy, 2 girls), musician/Grammy producer husband, travel, cooking, yoga, technology, and digital photography.  This all makes for my beautifully full and rich life.​