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Alan Watts

This is a compelling video by Alan Watts (and other collaborators) that really gets to the heart of the matter to living a passionate and fulfilling life.  It starts by asking yourself the question, ‘what if money didn’t matter?’ What would you spend your life doing?  What do you desire? By doing what doesn’t make us happy, we are creating a vicious cycle for ourselves and others.  We are sending the message to our kids and their kids that they can settle for less than happiness.  And I agree, it’s f’up! Speaking from my own experience, I have been hard on myself many times over by comparing my situation to others who seem on the surface to be so content with all facets of their life.  Or, if they were dissatisfied, they would still be able to carry on. I just couldn’t do that.  There were long periods in my life where I wasn’t clear what I wanted to do, but I always knew that I wasn’t going to settle.  I had such a natural desire to be happy and I was going to do what my heart desired.  I was always able to recognize what I was unhappy with and quickly moved away from that.

What if money didn’t matter – Alan Watts from Evoke & Evolve on Vimeo.
I was once married to a man who believed that as adults, we have the responsibility to earn an income for our family even if it was to stay in a job that made us miserable.  I would often come to him with many ideas of businesses I could launch and he dismissed it.  He told me that I was scattered and irresponsible because I was lucky to be in the position that I was in while others were being laid off from their jobs.  He questioned my logic to entertain other work when we had 3 kids to care for.  And as it turns out, his parents ingrained this notion into his head as a child.  They have also stayed in jobs (and in a marriage) that absolutely made them miserable. It was also culturally natural to believe that we have to settle or make sacrifices for our family.  And so with that, he simply couldn’t understand why I couldn’t be content with what I had.  With the pressures of life, I believe that we can also be easily swayed by our own negative thinking and what we see in the world to thinking that we should settle for something less than happiness.  I simply don’t agree with that.  I believe we are all wired to naturally be happy.  It’s simply easier in the long-haul.